Lithium In H2o?

It appears that there is Lithium found in h2o. Yeah, you heard me right, Lithium. I am not sure the way it arrived, but appears for them it’s a positive thing. So, it takes place the suicide rate in the towns in which the Lithium is discovered is gloomier than in other towns. Well, it makes sense the next logical step would be to claim that we consider adding trace comes down to everyones water. A minimum of, thats what she stated. That news story makes me question what’s being found in water and the amount of an affect it’s on our physical and mental health. Could something similar to this be what is leading to a lot sickness around us? Well, I suppose I’m able to only speak personally, however it appears like everybody I understand feels sick quite frequently without no reason. Not major illness, but such things as stomach aches and head aches. I will be searching much deeper into this subject.

Chemtrails and Morgellons: A Survivors Tale

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